The identity of ‘Nunu Study’ is a 16-year-old male student… Arrested for blackmail and hacking

The identity of ‘Nunoo Study’, which threatened to hack a large entrance exam academy site and leak online lectures, was revealed to be a high school student.

They also hacked online bookstores and threatened to distribute e-books if Bitcoin was not paid.

Reporter Jeong Rae-won reports.


A Telegram user named ‘Nunoo Study’ posts a post saying he will unpack a video from a famous entrance exam academy.

They hacked the Times Talent and Megastudy sites and cracked the passwords for 700 lectures, and threatened to spread them all if Bitcoin was not sent to them.

The hacker’s identity was a 16-year-old high school student.

<Lee Seung-woon / National Police Agency Cyber ​​Terror Investigation Team> “Although the suspect is a high school student, an arrest warrant is applied for considering the seriousness of the crime, the risk of repeat offenses, fairness among accomplices, and the inability to recover from damages…” 2nd year in high

school Person A also hacked two sites, including the online bookstore Aladdin.

He cracked the passwords of a total of 2.1 million e-books and distributed some of them, and threatened to decrypt them all unless he gave up Bitcoin worth about 3.6 billion won.

The police explained that Mr. A had enough programming skills to create and use his own automated program to unlock the e-book password메이저사이트.

The total market value of e-books and videos stolen by Group A through hacking is 20.3 billion won.

We avoided tracking by using only Telegram chat rooms.

In the same way, two men in their 20s who cooperated with Group A’s crime were also arrested by the police.

The police warned people to be careful, saying that downloading e-books or videos collected without permission through hacking could also be punishable.






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