“When I cut the lime, I found Styrofoam powder…” Peru’s warning about ‘fake fruit’ scams

Recently, as the price of limes has risen in Peru, South America안전놀이터, a series of ‘fake fruit’ scams have been occurring, such as sending Styrofoam balls instead.

According to Peruvian daily newspapers El Mercurio and La Repubblica on the 14th (local time), lime prices soared this year due to heavy rain in lime production areas such as San Lorenzo and Chira regions.

As of this day, the retail price of lime per 1 kg was 17 soles (6,080 won) in the capital Lima and 20 soles (7,160 won) in southern Arequipa, which is more than double the price in the past 2 to 3 months, local media reported.

According to the Peruvian National Statistical Office, lime prices have risen by up to 70% in the past three months, and there is analysis that this could lead to overall inflationary pressure.

Accordingly, while direct online transactions to buy lime at a low price are increasing, related frauds have also been continuously reported.

On the 4th, one resident posted a video on his social media accusing fake lime sellers. When the object that appeared to be a lime in the video was cut in half, there was a lot of white Styrofoam powder inside.

Another citizen even posted a video on social media of receiving an item that looked like a hard green plastic ball via courier.

“I bought a bunch of limes in a bag, and there were cheap green apples the size of a child’s fist mixed in,” said a restaurant owner in San Martin de Porres.

Local media reported that Peruvian authorities are investigating the matter.






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