Six people, including Jo Jeong-hoon and Jo Gwang-han, announced their ‘recruitment’ to the People Power Party on the 20th.

On the 19th, the People Power Party confirmed the recruitment of six external personnel, including opposition lawmaker Cho Jung-hoon of the Era Change Party. Among the new recruits is former안전놀이터 Namyangju Mayor Cho Gwang-han, who was nominated and elected by the Democratic Party of Korea in the last local election.

The talent recruitment announcement and induction ceremony were scheduled for the 20th. However, it is reported that Rep. Cho will not join the party immediately as he is a proportional representative, but will be recruited in a way that changes the times and is absorbed into the People Power Party.

Lee Cheol-gyu, Secretary-General of the People Power Party, met with reporters at the National Assembly on this day and said, “I proposed to Rep. Cho to recruit him, saying, ‘Let’s be together, let’s go in the same direction.’ Since Rep. Cho is a proportional representative, if he leaves the party, he will lose his proportional position, so he will be absorbed.” “We have no choice but to merge,” he said.

Rep. Cho also held a separate press conference and made his joining official, saying, “The leadership of the People Power Party made a proposal to change the times, saying, ‘Let’s create a coalition that encompasses conservatives and moderates.’” He is the only member of the Era Transition Party. In the 21st general election in 2020, he was elected as a proportional representative of the Democratic Party’s proportional satellite party, the Citizens’ Party, and was then reinstated in the form of expulsion. He is preparing to run for office in Mapo Gap, Seoul.

The list of recruits also includes former Namyangju Mayor Cho Gwang-han, a member of the Democratic Party. Former Mayor Cho is a pro-Roh figure who served as the Blue House Public Relations Planning Secretary under the Roh Moo-hyun administration and is also a person who had a confrontational stance with Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party, when he was the governor of Gyeonggi Province.

Among those from the Moon Jae-in administration, former President Kim Hyun-joon, who served as Commissioner of the National Tax Service and President of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation;

Kim Young-min, a former comedian and conservative YouTuber, was also included in the recruitment process. In addition, Park Young-chun, former vice president of SK Group’s Supex Pursuit Council, is also known to be joining the party.

Regarding their admission, there is an interpretation that the People Power Party has begun to expand its reach. An official from the People Power Party explained, “Please understand that this is intended to expand the party’s reach to moderates ahead of next year’s general election.”






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