Let’s decide who is the best archer of the season!… Archery Comprehensive Championships will be held in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do from the 18th to the 21st.

The 55th National Men’s and Women’s Archery Championships, in which the best athletes this season will participate, will be held at the Jinho International Archery Range in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do from the 18th to the 21st.

This competition is the last competition of the season hosted by the Korea Archery Association. Regardless of age, competition is based solely on skill. Only 100 top-level recurve men and women selected through a total of 9 competitions held this year were eligible to participate.

The Korea Archery Association announced an entry consisting of the current national team, individual winners of national competitions in each division (middle school, high school, college, and general) and players who meet the standard records (1,331 points for men and 1,349 points for women).

In the compound event, a total of 56 athletes, including national team athletes participating in the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, will compete.

This competition, which is held in the Olympic round format, will advance to the round of 32 from top 1 to 8 based on the records of 720 rounds (2 record matches) of the preliminary round. From 9th place onward, the final round of 32 tournament draw will be confirmed through the round of 96 and round of 48.

In the men’s and women’s team competition, up to 24 teams advance to the tournament by adding up the scores of the top three players per team according to the total of the preliminary round records, and in the mixed gender team competition, the top men and women in the preliminary안전놀이터 round records for each city or province form a team and advance to the tournament.

The national recurve team is not expected to participate in this competition to undergo intensive training in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Hyundai Motor Company’s Chung Mong-Goo Cup Korea Archery Competition 2023 Recurve Women’s Division winner held earlier this month includes Jeong Da-Somi (Hyundai Department Store), Ki Bo-Bae (Gwangju City Hall), Yoo Su-Jeong (Hyundai Department Store), Lee Seung-Yoon (Gwangju Nam-gu Office), Koo Dae-Han (Cheongju City Hall), etc. The highest caliber players will participate and challenge for the top archer position in the 2023 season. 

The recurve and compound finals will be broadcast live on the sports channel SPOTV2 from 9 a.m. on the 21st.

Starting on the 22nd, immediately after the end of the general championships, the long journey to select the 2024 Korean national archery team, which will have qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympics, will begin. The Hangzhou Asian Games team will begin its final training at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village until the 26th and then depart for Hangzhou through Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1 on the 27th.






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