They disparaged Kim Min-jae like that… “Napoli’s defense is weak without Kim Min-jae.”

Francesco Marolda said that Napoli’s defense has weakened since Kim Min-jae left Naples.

Kim Min-jae was the core of Napoli’s소닉카지노 defense last season. Although it was only his first year with the team, Kim Min-jae took over as the starting defender immediately after joining Naples and showed consistent performance throughout the season. With stability in defense, Napoli was able to play an aggressive game as former coach Luciano Spalletti intended. This led Napoli to its first Italian Serie A title in 33 years. Kim Min-jae was recognized for his contributions and was selected as Serie A’s best defender and season’s best eleven.

Afterwards, Kim Min-jae left for Bayern Munich through the summer transfer market. Munich, which was planning to strengthen its defense, had already watched Min-jae Kim’s performance and approached him when the summer transfer market opened. Munich was serious. Coach Thomas Tuchel put so much effort into recruiting Kim Min-jae that he made a direct video call to Min-jae Kim, who was receiving basic military training at the time, and persuaded him. Kim Min-jae eventually chose to transfer to Munich, and is currently in charge of Munich’s defense.

On the contrary, Napoli lost the team’s key center back after just one year. There was a transfer fee left, but the transfer fee could not fill Kim Min-jae’s vacancy. Napoli recruited Nathan for the future and installed Joao Jesus next to Amir Rahmani, who was Kim Min-jae’s partner.

However, Jesus did not show the same level of performance as Kim Min-jae. Jesus was a player who served as Kim Min-jae’s backup last season. In a way, it was natural that I couldn’t do it like Kim Min-jae. As the defense changed, Napoli also began to falter. Napoli has won 2 and lost 1 in 3 games since the start of this season, but is being criticized for its unstable defense. In particular, the last match against Lazio (1-2 loss) was painful.

As Napoli faltered, even Marolda, who did not like Kim Min-jae, acknowledged that Kim Min-jae’s absence was significant. The Italian media ‘Area Napoli’, which reports news related to Naples, reported that Marolda appeared on ‘Giochiamo d’Anticipo’, broadcast on ‘Televomero’, and said, “Napoli is changing, and this is a mistake. Napoli is essentially the same team, but in defense He was quoted as saying, “I feel weak without Kim Min-jae.”

Marolda is an Italian journalist who gave Kim Min-jae a bad evaluation regardless of his performance throughout last season when Kim Min-jae was playing for Naples. However, Kim Min-jae’s absence is causing even Marolda to acknowledge Kim Min-jae.






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