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2023 NH Nonghyup Bank Women’s Baduk League 10R 2G
Seogwipo Chilsimni, 2-1 to bottom-ranked Boryeong Mud

Boryeong Mud, which was the subject of interest as a team with 9th dan Choi Jeong, was completely안전놀이터 eliminated from the competition for the postseason. This is an early elimination with four rounds remaining.

Boryeong Mud lost 1-2 to Seogwipo Chilsimni in the 2nd game of the 10th round of the 2023 NH Nonghyup Bank Women’s Baduk League held at the Baduk TV studio on the evening of the 15th. 1st nominee Choi Jeong, 9th dan, defeated 4th nominee Yoo Ju-hyeon, 2nd dan, but 2nd nominee Park So-yul, 3rd dan, and 3rd nominee, Go Miso, 2nd dan, could not support him.

Boryeong Mud’s record is 1 win and 9 losses. They only achieved one win against Yeosu World Island Expo in the 4th round. 6 consecutive losses starting from the 5th round. The team has long since surpassed its four-game losing streak in the 2020 season, which was the team’s longest losing streak since its founding.

Boryeong Mud, which won the overall championship in the 2020 season and finished runner-up the following year, fell to 5th place last year and completely collapsed this season. This is the third time this year that a team with top 9th dan has failed to advance to the postseason.

Defending champion Seogwipo Chilsimni overcame a crisis and reached the 7th win mark. There was a sense of crisis due to the sudden departure of last year’s winning member Kim Yun-young, 5th dan, and the long-term absence of Lee Min-jin, 8th dan, but substitute Lee Seo-young, 2nd dan, is making up for it beyond expectations.

In the regular season, where 8 teams will compete in a double league to determine the 4 teams that will advance to the postseason, H2 DREAM Samcheok and POSCO Future M will face each other in 4 games in the 10th round on the evening of the 17th.

It is a match in which the winning team will finish the 10th round in first place. The individual matchups were Kim Eun-sun and Kim Sun-bin (5:1), Kim Chae-young and Kim Hye-min (10:6), and Kim Su-jin and Kim Kyeong-eun (3:4, the head-to-head records in parentheses above).

The team prize money for the 2023 Women’s Baduk League, the 9th season since its launch in 2015, is 55 million won for the winner, 35 million won for the runner-up, 25 million won for the third place, and 15 million won for the fourth place. The regular league game fee is 1.3 million won for the winner and 400,000 won for the loser.






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