Sexual harassment of Korean woman while playing ‘Labang’ in Hong Kong… 46-year-old suspect arrested

A Korean female tourist who was watching live internet streaming (Labang) at a subway station in Central, downtown Hong Kong, was the victim of sexual harassment. About 500 Labang viewers witnessed that moment in real time. Hong Kong police investigated and arrested a 46-year-old 온라인바카라male suspect.

Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post ( SCMP ) reported on the 12th (local time), “A 46-year-old male suspect was arrested by the police on charges of sexually assaulting a Korean woman who was having a bar in Central on the night of the 10th. “We plan to disclose additional identity information,” the report said.

According to SCMP , the suspect approached a Korean woman who was playing Labang near a tram stop in Central on the night of the 10th. For this woman, who was visiting Hong Kong for the first time, the man followed her from her stop to a nearby subway station, holding her arm or draping his arm around her shoulder.

She warned the woman not to “grab her arm” and pushed her man away. But she said the man continued to follow her, and when she went to the subway station stairs, he pushed her against the wall and said, “I’m alone. “Come with me,” she said.

At this time, she said, “I am not alone,” to the effect that Women Labang viewers are watching in real time. Labang viewers said in real-time chat, “Call the police” or “I will report it to the police.” However, the man touched the woman’s body and attempted to forcibly kiss her.

The woman managed to get her man off her and went to the subway station’s turnstile to ask for her help. SCMP reported that about 500 viewers witnessed the incident, which lasted about a minute .

After moving to Macau, the woman turned on Labang at the hotel on the night of the 11th and informed viewers of the damage. Her body was severely bruised and she suffered bruises. But the woman said she would apologize on behalf of the perpetrator or shame viewers in Hong Kong, saying it was “that man’s fault, not the whole of Hong Kong’s fault,” and that she would “come back to Hong Kong when she gets the chance.”

Hong Kong police began an investigation after receiving multiple reports and checking the video. Ultimately, the suspect was caught two days after the incident. Hong Kong police are trying to contact the victim. The victim said she was scheduled to return to Hong Kong on the 13th, SCMP reported.






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