“Student, it’s not a bad thing, right?” A taxi driver’s keen eye… Inside the suspicious passenger bag

A taxi driver stopped a voice phishing crime after becoming suspicious of a passenger who was trying to travel a long distance carrying a bag of money.

According to Yonhap News on the 11th, taxi안전놀이터 driver A (66) received a call from Namwon, Jeollabuk-do to Daejeon through a taxi calling app around 4:50 pm on the 6th.

The person who got into the taxi was passenger B (21) with a young face.

Mr. A, who was happy to be a long-distance passenger, spoke up and asked, “Where are you going to Daejeon?”, but Mr. B did not answer.

Meanwhile, Mr. A saw a suspicious bag next to Mr. B and recalled an incident from two years ago. In the past, Mr. A was investigated by the police in connection with a crime of telephone financial fraud (voice phishing) while picking up a customer heading to Sunchang from Namwon. The customer was a criminal involved in voice phishing.

In response, Mr. A asked Mr. B, “Student, you are not going to do bad things, are you?” Then Mr. B looked surprised and suddenly opened the door and tried to get out of the taxi.

After seeing Mr. B’s behavior, Mr. A immediately locked the car door and went to a nearby district.

When the police checked, 20 million won in cash was found in Mr. B’s bag.

It was revealed that Mr. B was in charge of collecting cash after receiving instructions from a voice phishing organization in Gwangju and other places. It was also discovered that the organization had called a taxi through an app in order to receive cash.

Mr. A said, “I continued to have feelings of regret and guilt, thinking that I could have prevented voice phishing if I had paid a little more attention in the past,” and added, “This time, I am proud and fortunate to be able to help arrest the collector.”

The police awarded a commendation and a reporting reward to Mr. A, who prevented a crime through active action.

The police plan to book Mr. B on fraud charges and expand the investigation to target the voice phishing organization that ordered the collection of cash.






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