A surprising declaration from a Japanese baduk genius… “I want to work professionally in Korea”

According to the Baduk world on the 10th, Nakamura 3rd Dan recently officially submitted an application for a guest article to the Korean Baduk Association.

Nakamura 3rd Dan, who first started learning Baduk at the age of 3, came to Korea in 2015 and studied Baduk for nearly 4 years. As Nakamura achieved good results in children’s baduk competitions, Kiwon of Japan enrolled him as a special gifted player in April 2019.

Nakamura joined Nippon Origin at the age소닉카지노 of 10, making him the youngest professional to hold the title. He also won the women’s competition held in February, becoming the youngest winner ever.

Regarding Nakamura, who had been building such records in Japan, choosing to go to Korea, the Baduk community said, “It seems that he decided that playing in Korea, where there is a large professional player base, would help improve his skills.”

The Korea Professional Drivers’ Association plans to discuss whether Nakamura will serve as a guest driver at a delegates’ meeting on the 13th. If approved at the delegates’ meeting, it will be submitted as an official agenda to the Korea Kiwon, and the Korea Kiwon will decide on final approval through the steering committee and board of directors.

If his guest article activity is approved, Nakamura is expected to come to Korea after the women’s title match in February next year.

There have been previous cases where a foreign engineer served as a guest engineer in the Korean capital. Previously, China’s Ruinaiwei (59), 9th Dan, worked as a guest reporter for 13 years from 1999 to 2011.

Thanks to Ruinai Wei, who was considered world-class at the time, the energy of the female athletes of Korean origin who worked with him also appeared to increase. The world of baduk expects that the registration of Nakamura 3rd dan will also help other players improve their skills.






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