Swim slowly with only your head out… Another eyewitness account of the ‘monster of heaven and earth’ on Mt. Baekdu

An unidentified creature was seen swimming leisurely in Lake Cheonji (天池) at the summit of Baekdu Mountain.

According to Global Network, the Internet version of the Chinese state-run media Global Times, a video filmed by tourist A at the top of Mt. Baekdu on the 7th is spreading through social media such as Weibo. Mr. A claimed, “This was taken at the center of heaven and earth, about 500 meters away from the top of Baekdu Mountain,” and that “a mysterious creature moved as if swimming.”

In his video, you can see something in the middle of a lake that appears to have only its head or upper body moving forward, cutting through the water. There was also a long light wave in the place where it passed. When I enlarged it, I could see the black color, but the shape was not clear.

The keyword ‘heaven and earth monster’ appeared online and aroused the curiosity of netizens. However, an official from the Baekdu Mountain Management Authority said, “We have not confirmed the identity of the object in question, but cats can swim,” and added, “It is presumed to be a tiger or leopard living in the area.”

There have been rumors of strange메이저사이트 creatures appearing in the heavens and earth of Mt. Baekdu for decades. It started in 1962 when an eyewitness account was reported of two strange creatures chasing each other in the water. However, experts drew a line by drawing conclusions such as “It is a salmonid fish that lives in the earth” and “It is a swimming scene of an amphibian animal.”






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