Report “there is a staggering vehicle”… Heo Gak twin singer Heo Gong caught drunk driving

The Pyeongtaek Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced on the 8th that it has booked Heo Gong without detention on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving and failure to take action after an accident) and is investigating.

According to the police, Heogong is suspected of driving a vehicle while drunk in the area of ​​Seojeong-dong, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, around 9:30 a.m. on the 11th of last month. He reportedly got into the car after having a drink near the area, and hit and damaged a residential wall while driving.

After receiving a 112 call from a citizen saying, “There is a vehicle staggering in and out of the lane,” the police responded스포츠토토 and found the vehicle in the air. As a result of a breathalyzer test conducted at the scene, it was reported that the blood alcohol content in the air was at the level of license cancellation.

In addition, Heogong was found to have left the scene without taking proper action after hitting a wall, and was also charged with failing to take action after the accident.

Meanwhile, Heo Gong is Heo Gak’s twin brother and, like his younger brother, is a singer. He debuted in 2011 with the album ‘New Story Part1’ .






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