Chinese smartphones that can’t overcome Apple and Samsung… High-capacity RAM is the game-winner

As Chinese smartphone companies are unable to overcome the gap between Samsung Electronics and Apple, which are firmly maintaining first and second place in market share, they are trying to differentiate themselves with high-capacity RAM .

According to the industry on the 8th, Chinese smartphone companies are competing to introduce smartphones equipped with high-capacity RAM.

According to a recent post on Weibo by famous IT tipster Digital Chat Station, some Chinese smartphone companies are currently testing smartphones with 32GB of RAM

Smartphones with 24GB of RAM are already pouring out of China. The Ace 2 Pro, introduced by China’s Oneplus last month, is the world’s first smartphone equipped with 24GB RAM.

Oppo and Vivo, both under the same BBK Group, are also developing smartphones equipped with 32GB RAM. Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi introduced a smartphone equipped with 24GB RAM last month.

The Chinese brand’s aggressive increase in RAM capacity can be interpreted as a differentiation strategy to catch up with the frontrunners. This is because Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone, which are dominant in the premium smartphone market, do not have high-capacity RAM.

To reduce costs, Samsung Electronics installed 8GB of RAM from the Galaxy S21 to its most recent product, the Galaxy S23 . Among the Galaxy S23 series, only the top model Ultra provides 12GB RAM.

There are predictions that Samsung Electronics will introduce 12GB RAM in its next flagship smartphone to be released next year and adopt 16GB RAM in Ultra, but it is unlikely to increase to 24GB.

Apple is also expected to install 8GB RAM in the top model of the iPhone 15 series that will be released soon.

■ China cannot satisfy domestic demand… Targeting the lucrative premium phone market
Chinese smartphone companies no longer focus only on the low-priced smartphone market. It is also actively entering the premium smartphone market. Although sales of mid- to low-priced smartphones are important in emerging countries with large populations, they have the disadvantage of low average selling price ( ASP ).

In fact, Samsung Electronics has the largest share of the global smartphone market in terms of sales volume, but is behind Apple in terms of sales amount. This is because you can make more profit even if you sell fewer premium phones. As the premium smartphone market with high ASP

is growing recently in emerging countries such as India, it is a market that cannot be missed. In fact, Chinese smartphone ASPs are rising as a result of Chinese brands simultaneously targeting the low- to mid-priced and premium markets .

However, Chinese smartphone products have the limitation that their durability is relatively weak compared to Samsung Electronics and Apple smartphones. The recently introduced foldable phone suffered a blow to its pride as it was inferior to Samsung Electronics products in a durability test conducted by tech YouTubers.

The analysis is that Chinese smartphones are trying to increase their competitiveness by improving other specifications, such as chip specifications, RAM capacity, and fast charging capabilities, instead of being메이저사이트 inferior in durability. The 125W and 150W fast charging functions that Samsung and Apple do not provide are also a differentiator for Chinese smartphone brands.

However, some say that smartphones with high-capacity RAM can consume more battery, which can be detrimental to general users. An industry official said, “It is true that a large amount of RAM means good performance, such as in high-end games,” and added, “However, unlike a PC

, a smartphone cannot be said to have a high amount of RAM. It is not necessarily better, and as high-capacity RAM consumes a lot of power, various balances must be considered. “Do it,” he said.







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