“My wife thought I was spending a lot of money.” He pushed her into the sea and threw a stone to kill her.

A husband in his 30s admitted to the charge in court, having killed his wife by throwing a stone at her after drowning her in the sea off Jamjin Island, Incheon. It was confirmed that he committed the crime after his wife complained about him excessively monitoring her life and spending too much of her money.

In the first trial held on the 7th at the Incheon District Court Criminal Division 14 (Chief Judge Ryu Kyung-jin), Mr. A (30), who was arrested and indicted on murder charges, said, “I agree with all the facts and evidence of the indictment.”

According to the prosecution’s indictment, “The defendant got married in June 2020, but in September of the same year, when the defendant’s affair was discovered and he was questioned, his life was excessively monitored by the victim, and he thought that he was spending a lot of the money he earned ( “He had strong dissatisfaction with the victim,” he explained.

He said, “We decided to go fishing on Jamjin Island on July 12, 2023, but while traveling on the 15th, we found out that the victim had purchased several luxury bags and thought that we would not be able to continue our marriage.” He added, “The victim cannot swim. “I planned to kill him by dropping him into the sea and committed the crime,” he said.

He continued, “After pushing the fishing victim into the sea, he hit his head with a rock several times to prevent him from coming out, causing him to die from drowning due to head damage.”

Mr. A, who appeared in court wearing an ocher-colored shroud on this day, also bowed his head and answered, “Yes, that’s true” when asked by the judge, “Is it correct to admit the charges?”

Mr. A’s lawyer requested that the trial be continued, saying, “We are trying to reach an agreement with the victim’s family, but they are so shocked that it is difficult to reach an agreement right now,” and the court accepted.

Mr. A’s next trial is scheduled to be held on October 31 at 11 am.

Mr. A previously reported to 119 at 3:06 a.m. on July 15 that his wife, B, had fallen into the sea on Jamjindo Island in Deokgyo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon.

Mr. B was rescued by the Coast안전놀이터 Guard and 119 emergency services who responded to the scene and taken to the hospital, but eventually died. Mr. B was already not breathing at the time of rescue.

Ms. A told the Coast Guard at the beginning of her investigation, “She came to Jamjin Island to go camping and fishing with her wife. “While she was going to get her luggage in the car, her wife was drifting into the sea,” she claimed.

However, the Coast Guard checked the surrounding closed circuit ( CC ) TV and through digital forensic analysis of the mobile phone, confirmed the circumstances in which Mr. A murdered her wife, Ms. B. Bruises and blood traces, signs of being hit by a stone, were found on Mr. B’s body.






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