A flight attendant drowned a male passenger in his 30s by pushing him into the sea… Shocked by the ‘shock scene’ of watching someone fall into the water

Greek society was shaken by an incident in which a man in his 30s, who was trying to board a passenger ship departing from Greece, was pushed by a crew member and drowned. According to the Greek state-run ERT

broadcast on the 7th (local time), Greek prosecutors filed criminal charges against the captain and three crew members of the Blue Horizon passenger ship. One crew member was charged with intentional murder due to negligence, and the remaining two crew members were charged with conspiracy. The captain was charged with violating ship regulations. This incident, which occurred in Piraeus, a port city southwest of Athens, the Greek capital, on the night of the 5th , caused public outrage as a video of the incident quickly spread through social media (SNS ) . In the video, the moment the ‘Blue Horizon’ passenger ship was about to depart, a man was seen urgently running towards the ramp where cars enter and exit the stern of the ferry. When the man climbed the ramp and attempted to enter the ferry, the crew stopped him and pushed him off the ramp. When the man did not give up and climbed the ramp again, a crew member pushed him away. It was the moment the passenger ship left the dock and set sail. The man lost his balance on the ramp and fell into the growing gap between the ferry and the dock. Even though the man fell into the sea, the crew did nothing to save the man, and the ferry continued sailing towards his destination, Crete.

At that time, many passengers watched this scene on the deck of the ferry ahead of its departure.

One passenger said, “He tried to get inside the ship two or three times, and the crew pushed him when the ship started to leave the dock. It was clear he was going to fall into the sea, and unfortunately, he ended up falling out of the ferry.” .

The Coast Guard was dispatched, but the man died. As a result of the autopsy, the cause of death was confirmed to be drowning.

The ‘Blue Horizon’ passenger ship was ordered to return to Piraeus Port. After receiving statements from passengers and crew, Greek prosecutors arrested and detained the captain and three crew members.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis criticized on social media the day before, saying, “A combination of irresponsible behavior, cynicism, contempt and indifference led to this man’s death.” He added, “Yesterday’s shameful events do not show the kind of country we want to be.”

Meanwhile, the name of the deceased man was Antonis Kariotis and he was 36 years old. The man, who works in a fruit shop on the island of Crete, is said to have been in Athens to meet his latest friends.

Greece’s Minister of Maritime Affairs, Miltiadis Barbisi Otis, said the man had a ferry ticket and that he boarded the ferry, got off the ship for unknown reasons and tried to reboard.

“There is no doubt that this crime was murder,메이저놀이터” Barbisiotis said.

Attica Group, which owns the ferry, issued two statements saying, “Our management is shocked by the tragic incident and is working with authorities to uncover the truth.”

“The scenes we have all witnessed are unimaginable and inconsistent with our values,” the group said, adding that it was “investigating internally why crew members did not follow procedures.”






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