‘Surprise heavy rain’ pouring down in the American desert… A sleeping ‘ancient shrimp’ wakes up

While the Nevada desert in the U.S. turned into mud due to record-breaking ‘surprise heavy rain’ last weekend, ‘fairy shrimp’, a living fossil, were 안전놀이터discovered here, attracting attention.

According to foreign media such as The Independent on the 5th, unusually heavy rain fell on the 2nd when the ‘Burning Man’ festival held in Nevada, USA began, causing about 70,000 festival participants to become stranded.

This heavy rain turned the entire desert into mud, and a creature wriggling like an insect was discovered in the shallow water that had accumulated on the bottom.

The creatures discovered were long-tailed horseshoe shrimp and Anostraca , also known as ‘fairy shrimp ‘. These shrimp have existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years and are still living in almost the same form to this day, so they are called ‘living fossils’.

The eggs of these shrimp are very small, like grains of sand, and can survive for years even in dry soil. The eggs that remained in the place where the lake dried up and became a desert hatched when heavy rains created conditions for survival.

The media explained, “This ancient crustacean does not need difficult conditions to wake up,” and added, “After the monsoon, it will go into dormancy until suitable conditions arise again, namely heavy rain.”

The amount of rain that fell this time is equivalent to the amount that falls in the desert area for 2 to 3 months.

Meanwhile, the Burning Man festival held in this area ended around 2pm on the 4th with the ban on driving vehicles lifted. As of this day, it was reported that approximately 64,000 people were isolated at the event site. Authorities are investigating the cause of death after one person died due to heavy rain on the 2nd.






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