Order worth 27 million won canceled without the CEO knowing… Chicken restaurant employee CCTV ‘shocked’

The owner of a chicken restaurant who suffered a loss of more than 27 million won due to an employee who habitually secretly canceled orders expressed his resentment.

On the 4th, a post titled “Employee’s habitual refusal of orders for a year” was posted on an online community for self-employed people.

Writer A, who identified himself as the owner of a chicken franchise, expressed his frustration, saying, “During daytime hours when employees work alone, there are not enough orders, so when I looked at the order rejections on delivery apps, there were 2 to 3 rejections every day.”

Mr. A looked at the number of order rejections that had occurred since last January, reaching a total of 957 cases worth 27 million won in just one delivery app. Even if there are cases where the delivery is not in the delivery area or the customer refuses because they are actually busy, it is a large amount.

In particular, it was revealed that the employee in question refused 1.39 million won worth of orders from Malbok, a chicken restaurant, through the delivery app alone. The number of cases is 51.

Mr. A said, “I wondered why Malbok Day was so free, but when I saw it, I was shocked and thought it was not something that could be passed over quietly.” He asked for advice, “Is there a way to file a claim for 안전놀이터damages or report or receive compensation for intentional branch loss?”

I thought it strange that many orders were canceled while Mr. A, the store owner in charge of delivery, was away from the store, but whenever I asked the reason, the employee said, “I guess I didn’t see it because I was in the bathroom,” or “I canceled the order as soon as the customer ordered.” They gave reasons such as “I refused because it was not in the delivery area.”

What Mr. A learned about the reason for the actual order rejection was after watching a closed-circuit ( CC ) TV video of the employee sitting and playing a game during the time slot when the order was canceled. Mr. A said, “I understood and moved on because I had known him for a long time. “It was only after watching the CCTV that I found out that he refused because he was sitting playing games on his phone,” he said, expressing his anger.

Person A reported that the employee was also negligent in managing the store. Mr. A said, “It seemed like they were not sweeping or wiping the store at all, so I asked. They insisted that they did, so I looked at a week’s worth of CCTV footage and saw that they had not swept or wiped at all. It was strange because the mop bucket was always clean. “Every day the employee had a day off, there was a lot of muddy water on the mop,” he wrote.

When the cleaning condition was pointed out, the employee said he notified the employee on the same day and left the company that day.

Mr. A said, “I gave them all the summer and winter vacations, bought them all the food, and never scolded them. “Even part-time workers are paid 14,000 won per hour plus car expenses,” he said, adding, “I decided to become a store manager on the one-year anniversary of working, and I had promised to pay 4 million won per month,” expressing a sense of betrayal.






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