Noh Sa-yeon and Sabong’s father’s massacre controversy opens… “It is not true that he was involved in the Masan massacre.”

Singers Noh Sa-yeon and Sabong sisters directly안전놀이터 refuted the controversy over their father’s involvement in the Masan Massacre.

They recently stated through Jinhua Law Firm, “My father, Sergeant Mang Noh Yang-hwan, worked as an investigator in the counterintelligence unit at the time of the National Press Association incident, so he was deployed in the Masan Massacre incident and had no involvement whatsoever, including on-site command.”

The claim that Sergeant Noh Yang-hwan, the father of Noh Sa-yeon and Mr. Sabong, was the actual commander of the Masan Massacre was raised through a book by a former editor-in-chief of a local media outlet. In response to this, the Roh Sa-yeon side refuted, “There is no theory to base the claim on, and it is not a historical fact confirmed by data.”

The controversy over the father’s past history arose when they visited the funeral of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s father, the late Yoon Ki-jung, professor emeritus at Yonsei University, on the 16th of last month.

Noh Sa-bong previously appealed for support by participating in a campaign to support President Yoon last year when he was a presidential candidate, and when singer Hyun-mi, the aunt of Sister Noh Sa-yeon, died in April, President Yoon sent artificial flowers to the funeral home and comforted the bereaved family.






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