“There is no oil, I have to turn off the air conditioner and open the window”… Will it help fuel efficiency?

“I won’t have enough gas to get to my destination… It’s a bit hot, but I’ll turn off the air conditioner and open the window.”

There are some drivers who drive with the windows open instead of turning on the air conditioner, saying, “I will save money on gas” or “I will increase fuel efficiency.” However, it was confirmed that there was no significant difference in fuel efficiency.

According to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on the 2nd, the compressor that cools the air conditioner air is operated by the power of the engine, so when the air conditioner is turned on, more fuel is used. Accordingly, some메이저사이트 drivers turn off the air conditioner and drive with the windows open, but when tested under the same conditions, the difference was found to be slight.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance said that additional differences in fuel efficiency may occur depending on driving speed and driving environment, but the difference is so small that it is difficult to say which type of driving is more fuel-efficient.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance said, “Because air pollution, including fine dust, is severe on the road, it is good for the driver’s health and the indoor air in the car to drive with the windows closed and the air conditioner turned on. At this time, if you turn on the internal circulation and drive, cool air flows inside.” “It’s even more helpful because it rotates,” he advised.

It turns out that the rumor that using ‘cruise control’ improves fuel efficiency is partly true. This function allows you to drive at a constant speed without having to press the accelerator pedal, which helps increase fuel efficiency by reducing accelerator pedaling and preventing sudden acceleration or sudden braking.

However, on steep roads, the cruise control function that tries to maintain the car’s speed actually reduces fuel efficiency. In other words, the company explains that if you are driving on a smooth road, you can use the cruise control function to increase fuel efficiency, but it is not a panacea.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance recommended ‘reducing car load’ as a practical way to improve fuel efficiency. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance said, “If 10kg of luggage is loaded on the car, the fuel efficiency of the car will decrease by 1%, but on the contrary, if you drive about 100km with 10kg less, you can save 0.16L of fuel efficiency.”

Also, when driving a car with a full tank of fuel, the fuel also affects the overall weight, so it is more efficient to drive with about 70 to 80% full fuel.






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