“I believe in God, why are you crying?” Girlfriend assaulted for crying at father’s funeral

A pastor who shook his fist and said that a person who believes in God would cry when his girlfriend mourned the death of her father was sentenced to prison on appeal.

On the 2nd, the Chuncheon District Court Criminal Division 1 (Chief Judge Shim Hyeon-geun) sentenced Pastor A, who was brought to trial on charges of special injury, special threats, injury, and assault, to two years in prison, the same as the original trial.

Pastor A assaulted his common-law girlfriend, B, at his home in Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do in mid-March last year because she cried during the funeral of her father.

Pastor A was found to have said, “Why do people who believe in God cry? They are people who should not be able to cry even when others cry.”

Also, in May 2018, Mr. B swung a blunt object at her for안전놀이터 not registering her marriage, and threatened her by throwing petrol in her house and lighting her lighter on fire.

Pastor A, who was eventually taken to trial, claimed, “I admit the facts, but it was done to discipline or appease Mr. B.”

The first trial court sentenced him to two years in prison, saying, “Given the fact that Mr. A’s assault occurred several times, it cannot be seen as admonishment or appeasement.” Pastor A appealed, saying the sentence was severe, but the second trial court also said, “There are no facts that can be reflected in the sentencing.

” There is no change in circumstances that is so special that it requires a new normal or change in form. The appeal was dismissed, saying, “The sentence of the original trial was appropriate.”






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