200mm rain until the day after tomorrow… ‘Haikui’ Weekend Rain Looks Like It’s Coming

It is news that it will rain heavily in the southern region until the day after tomorrow (31st).

It is said that it can rain even on weekends because of typhoon ‘Haikui’, but it pours often and strongly, so you need to be careful not to damage it.

Kim Se-hyun is a weather reporter.


The Korean Peninsula was covered with clouds.

Heavy rain fell across the country due to the influence of low pressure passing through the north of Korea.

In Hapcheon, Gyeongnam, 72.5 mm of heavy rain poured for an hour in the afternoon.

Tomorrow (30th) is expected to rain in most areas.

The rain will gradually stop tomorrow evening in the metropolitan메이저놀이터 area and central and northern Gangwon, and the day after tomorrow in Chungcheong and Honam, but it will continue until the day after tomorrow afternoon in Yeongnam and Jeju Island.

[Soundbite] Gong Sang-min(Meteorological Administration Forecasting Analyst) : “It will rain until the night of the 30th (tomorrow) due to low pressure, and on the 31st (the day after tomorrow), it will rain mainly in the southern coast where a lot of water vapor flows in.”

] There will be places where it rains as much as 200mm or more in Ulsan and Gyeongnam, 150mm or more in the inland west of Gyeongbuk and eastern Jeonnam, and more than 100mm in Jeju.

There is also rain news on the weekend, but the variable is Typhoon No. 11 ‘Haikui’.

Haikui is predicted to move northwest and come up to the vicinity of Shanghai, China via the western sea of ​​Okinawa on the weekend.

In the process, it is expected to meet the edge of the North Pacific high pressure and push a large amount of water vapor toward Korea.

The rushing water vapor is likely to create strong rain clouds as it collides with the cold, dry air above Korea.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that it would rain heavily on Friday and Saturday in Jeju and southern regions, and across the country on Sunday.

Be prepared for damage from strong and frequent rain.

However, the Korea Meteorological Administration said that it is too early to predict whether Haikui will have a direct impact on Korea due to high volatility.






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