The Marine Corps commander nodded to the question, “Are you really a VIP?”

Suspicion that the President’s office was involved in the investigation of the ‘Marine Corps Corporal Chae’ incident is growing.

In the midst of this, it has been confirmed that the statement submitted to the military prosecution by Park Jeong-hoon, former head of the Marine Corps investigation team, also contains content to support it.

When the president was furious over the results of the investigation, Park asked, “Are you really a VIP ?” and the Marine Corps commander nodded.

Reporter Hong Eui-pyo will tell you in detail.

◀ Report ▶

On the 31st of last month, the media briefing on the investigation results of Corporal Chae’s case was canceled.

That afternoon, a countermeasures meeting was held at the Ministry of National Defense, and the Ministry of National Defense’s legal affairs officer spoke to Colonel Park Jeong-hoon, the head of the investigation, with the intention of dropping the charges.

[Yoo Jae-eun/Ministry of National Defense Justice Officer (Last 25th)]
“The word that I can transfer the case by excluding the allegations and organizing the facts was the method of transfer that I gave from the beginning.”

Colonel Park, who said he felt this as ‘external pressure’, handed over the case to the Gyeongbuk Police Agency two days later, and is being investigated for mutiny.

However, it was found that the statement that Colonel Park gave to the military prosecution included the circumstances that the presidential office was involved in the suspicion of ‘external pressure’.

When Commander Kim Gye-hwan of the Marine Corps asked, “The Ministry of National Defense is asking us to remove the suspects and the details of the charges, what do we do?” Colonel Park said, “No, covering 안전놀이터the sky with the palm of your hand.”

When Colonel Park asked the commander, “Why the hell are you doing this at the Ministry of National Defense?”, there was a mention of the investigation results at the presidential office meeting, and after the VIP , or President Seok-Yeol Yoon, was furious, he talked to the minister and said, “This is what happened.”

At this time, Colonel Park asked again, “Are you really a VIP ?”, and Commander Kim Gye-hwan nodded and said yes. It is also in line with MBC’s

‘Straight’ report that ‘President Yoon reprimanded the minister for a report that he applied charges of manslaughter to eight people, including division commander Lim Seong-geun,’ but the Ministry of National Defense said, “The minister has never spoken to or heard from anyone. “he said. Regarding the suspicion of ‘external pressure’, the President’s office maintained its existing position that ‘there is an intention to somehow attract the Security Office’ and ‘it has already been clarified by the Ministry of National Defense’. This is Hong Eui-pyo of MBC News.






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