The base of the bakery staff who sneaked out and lowered the shutters… A thief who became a ‘behind the scenes’ 

It is a bakery chain in Mexico.

As soon as he enters the store, a man approaches the counter instead of ordering!

He threatens the employee with a gun hidden 먹튀검증in his pocket and asks him to give him money.

Then, a bakery employee carefully headed toward the doorway while informing the cash drawer location!

While the robber was looking away from taking the money, he quickly went out of the store and locked the shutter door.

A robber who became a rat in a poison in an instant!

The police, who will be dispatched soon after receiving a report from the employee, hurriedly block the front door with a cupboard and run to the warehouse at the back of the store to break the window and try to escape.

However, it wasn’t long after he fled the store that he was arrested by the police as a red-handed criminal.

At the time, the video spread through local media.

The bakery employee who bravely showed his wits in front of armed robbers and reversed the situation is said to have gathered a big topic.






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