“Let’s stone the thighs”… There was a separate culprit in the ‘sleep shelter death case’

 The full story of the incident where two men in their 30s were found lying on a bed of blood at a sleepy shelter on a car-only road last month has been revealed.

Jeonnam Yeosu Police Station announced on the 28th that it had sent A (31), who was arrested on charges of murder and severe incarceration, to the prosecution.

According to the police, Mr. A created a fake debt worth hundreds of millions of won, psychologically controlled (gaslighted) Mr. B (31) and Mr. C (30), and forced them to assault each other, leading to the death of Mr. B. Mr. B was found dead in the passenger seat of an SUV

stopped at a sleepy shelter on a car-only road in Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do at 11:40 pm on July 29 . Mr. C was also found unconscious in the car, and unusually, the two had no visible trauma other than the thigh. Mr. B’s cause of death was ‘septicemia and excessive bleeding caused by a thigh wound hit with a blunt instrument’. At the time, there was no one involved in this case other than Mr. B and Mr. C, and it was known that Mr. C did it before he lost consciousness in the reporting history, which raised many questions.

As a result of the initial investigation by the police, the two people, who had bad credit and no job, met for the first time through an online game three years ago and became friends.

They ate and slept in the car for about a month and made a bet saying, “If either of us falls asleep, we’ll hit each other on the cheek or stone the thigh.”

As the conflict intensified as the amount of debt they thought was안전놀이터 different, they made a bet, and it was confirmed that they even wrote a ‘damage acceptance confirmation’.

However, through a supplementary investigation by the police, the existence of Mr. A, who was behind Mr. B and Mr. C, was revealed.

Mr. A created hundreds of millions of won in debt under the pretext of providing legal information when Mr. B and Mr. C, whom he usually knew, were struggling with personal problems such as civil lawsuits. In addition, he repeatedly assaulted him to pay off the debt, leading to gaslighting.

Mr. B and Mr. C assaulted each other while locked in a car under the direction of Mr. A, and were brainwashed to make false statements to the police if the crime was discovered.

The police are planning to determine the direction of handling the new recruit by identifying the exact circumstances of Mr. C, who was booked on charges of injury and death.






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