3 million youtuber tangke couple, the latest news in 2 years… “From obsessive-compulsive disorder to panic disorder”

The 3 million subscriber movement YouTuber ‘Tangkkeubu’, which aroused curiosity after not being active for over two years, revealed the current situation.

The Tanque couple became popular when their husband Tanque and wife Audrey uploaded a so-called home training video on YouTube, an exercise that can be easily done at home, but the content was not uploaded until the end of the video in June 2021. Some rumors of a divorce circulated, but it turned out to be untrue.

On the 27th, the tangke couple posted on their YouTube channel, “Hello, this is the tangke couple ( Thankyou BUBU ). It’s been a long time.” He broke the silence and went out in front of the public.

Tangkeu said, “I was shouting affirmation because I wanted to show everyone a bright side of myself in the video, but a few years ago, signals started coming in that my mind and body were tired. Even before the corona era, we didn’t go out of the house often, and during the corona era, we didn’t go out of the house for a whole week on the excuse of being responsible for the health of many people.” We hid our sick side and focused only on the video work, fearing that we might become the people who came to visit us. I couldn’t even tell my parents because I was worried.”

He said, “I started avoiding people from about two years ago, and my obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic disorder got worse.” I finished it, but to this day, my toes do not fold due to the aftereffects. While filming, editing, and commenting all by myself, the pain in my right back that developed for no reason got so bad that I couldn’t even hold a mouse.”

He also said, “I couldn’t tell anyone, and I got away from YouTube, and when I saw our videos and comments that I checked every day, I couldn’t even go in because I was afraid that I would want to upload a video right away.” I even had bad thoughts because of the layers, but I remembered my parents who gave birth to me and the many people who followed us, and we spent many days in tears huggin메이저놀이터g each other.”

He added, “If we continue like this, both of us will completely collapse, so we decided to find out what we really like from a few months ago just for the sake of living. I met some fans by chance,” he said. “Audrey is very shy and shy, and I couldn’t even explain why I couldn’t upload a video and tried to avoid it, but she understood us and said that she was still waiting. The day before yesterday, I happened to meet a fan on a promenade in the neighborhood, and he said he was with his daughter, but there was no news, but it broke my heart to see him say it was okay.”

In addition, he added, “I was cautious about even posting this because I know that many people rely on and believe in us for their health. I thought that if the mind and body did not recover, there would be no husband and wife,” he said. I’m sorry for making you wait so long, and I hope everyone who sees you always smiles and stays healthy.”






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