K-pop girl group conquers England… “Filling the void we have fallen into”

The British Guardian reported on the 27th (local time) that 4 teams would hold a concert in London in September alone, following Blackpink’s Hyde Park performance under the title “K-Pop Girl Group Conquers England. “

Blackpink set a record as the first Korean singer to stand as a headliner (signboard performer) at the famous music festival ‘Hyde Park British Summertime Festival’ in July.

The Guardian reported that even though Blackpink had eight songs on the UK Top 40 chart, some were surprised by the appearance of the Hyde Park concert.

However, they will also have to admit that K-pop’s popularity shows no signs of waning, The Guardian added.

Following Mamamoo’s UK tour this month, Twice, Aespa, ITZY , and Girls performed one after another in London in September안전놀이터, and Fifty Fifty and New Jeans entered the British charts, the Guardian reported.

The Guardian cited the decline of British girl groups as one of the reasons for the popularity of Korean girl groups in the UK, and said that Korean girl groups landed in the UK with a carefully tuned formula for success via social media and filled the void.

Claire Rodriguez Lee, who worked on songs for Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet, said, “The music is catchy, the fashion styling is accurate, the choreography is great, and the stage direction is meticulous.” “Wow,” he said.

This camaraderie may have led to a core fan base, mostly young women, said The Guardian.

At the same time, he said that the charm of K-pop girl groups is multifaceted.

“Fashion is also a huge part of popularity,” said Chelsea Cheetam, creator of K-pop magazine.

The Guardian also interpreted the fact that each member’s personality is revealed through social media, maintaining individuality, and forming relationships with fans as one of the reasons for their popularity.

The Guardian reported that the British music scene and K-pop are increasingly intertwined, and that there have been attempts to replicate K-pop in the UK.

He said that while K-pop girl groups may not be recognized as artists because of their assemblage factor, there is definitely something special about K-pop girl groups in that the UK has not replicated their style and success.






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