2.5 billion in ‘Lime’s main culprit’ funds flowed to Democratic Party-related personnel

Suspicion was raised that about 2.5 billion won of money stolen from an unlisted company invested by Lime Fund in 2018 flowed to people close to the Democratic Party, which was the ruling party at the time .

According to the prosecution and financial authorities on the 27th, 1.96 billion won of the 30 billion won invested in the real estate developer Metropolitan of the Lime Fund was handed over to Jang, a businessman from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. Last year, Mr. Jang served as the executive chairman of the’Basic Economy Special Committee’, an outside organization of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung’s camp, and in 2021, served as the executive chairman of the Financial Innovation Committee under the Democratic Peace Square, a group of financial people supporting this candidate. Circumstances were also found that 530 million won had flowed t

On the 24th, the Financial Supervisory Service announced 안전놀이터the results of additional Lime Fund inspections and said that the Lime Fund invested 30 billion won in private placement bonds issued by unlisted company A in December 2018, and most of the funds were embezzled. Company A was identified as Metropolitan, a real estate developer headed by Kim Young-hong, one of the key figures in the lime crisis. Kim is accused of embezzling his funds while buying Isla Resort in the Philippines. Some of these funds went to Jang and Jeon.

As it is found that Lime funds flowed to a person who participated in Candidate Jae-Myung Lee’s presidential campaign, the Lime investigation towards the political world is expected to speed up. Previously, Democratic Party lawmakers such as Ki Dong-min Ki and Lee Soo-jin (proportional) are being tried for receiving illegal political funds from former Star Mobility chairman Kim Bong-hyun, who served as the forerunner of the Lime Fund, and Rep. Kim Sang-hee is also suspected of preferential redemption. It’s blown up.

On this day, Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party, said, “It is an argument not worth responding to” regarding the suspicion that Lime funds flowed into the passport at the time. Mr. Jeon said, “Why do you ask me about lime-related problems?” and “I don’t even know who Kim Young-hong is.”






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