Rolex, who broke the 70-year-old watch given to him by his grandfather, apologizes to customers

 Rolex Korea officially apologized to the consumer for the case of permanent damage to a Swiss luxury Rolex watch inherited from his grandfather over 70 years ago at an official center. While the headquarters of Rolex Switzerland also announced that they are taking the situation seriously, attention is focusing on what kind of solution Rolex Korea will present.

In a phone call with E-Daily on the 25th, informant Kim said, “I received an apology from a Rolex Korea official and am waiting for follow-up measures.” Mr. Kim received a call from Rolex Korea about 12 days after the report on <[Exclusive] “The 70-year-old Rolex watch inherited from my grandfather, Rolex broke it”> on the 10th. Previously, the informant Kim left the watch his grandfather had inherited from the Rolex Korea CS

Center in April and took over the permanently damaged watch. This watch is a Rolex Oyster vintage watch released in the 1950s. Kim’s great-grandfather gifted it to his grandfather in 1961, and Kim inherited it. The Rolex Korea CS center said that the clock face Kim had entrusted was judged to be a ‘fake’ and asked to pay an additional fee of 1 million won to repair the watch. However안전놀이터, Mr. Kim requested the Swiss headquarters to determine the authenticity of the product and protested to Rolex Korea. Then, Rolex Korea reversed its original position that it was a counterfeit and said that the product was ‘genuine’ and would proceed with normal repairs. However, after that, Mr. Kim took over a permanently damaged watch from the Rolex Korea CS center with the dial ink erased. Rolex Korea has been avoiding responsibility for the damage suffered by Mr. Kim for several months without taking appropriate measures.

After this report, Mr. Kim directly sent an e-mail to the headquarters in Switzerland, urging a solution to the incident.

On the 15th, the headquarters of Rolex Switzerland sent an email to Mr. Kim saying, “(The headquarters) is taking this incident very seriously.” told

A week passed, and Mr. Kim heard about an official apology and future plans from Rolex Korea. This is the part where criticism comes out that the company has been consistent in not responding before the incident became public, and then responded late when customers complained to the headquarters several times.

An official from Rolex Korea said, “We are conducting a thorough internal investigation into the case,” and added, “We will reach an amicable agreement to restore customer trust.”






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