A line cut off at 274m in the sky… 14 hours punishment due to cable car breakdown

On the 22nd (local time), foreign media such as the British BBC reported that on the 21st, a cable car installed over a river gorge in the Batagram region of Pakistan’s Kyber Paktunkwa state had an accident at 7:00 am, carrying eight passengers and stopping, and the zipline was stopped in 14 hours. It is said that the rescue was carried out.

In the previous accident, one of the cable car’s cable메이저놀이터wires suddenly broke, leaving passengers hanging in the air at a height of over 270 meters.

In many mountainous areas of Pakistan where it is difficult to travel by land, these cable cars are the only means of transportation between villages in remote areas and across rivers. The passengers on board at the time of the accident were six children and two adults, who were on their way to school.

A nearby school teacher said, “The majority of the passengers are students between the ages of 10 and 15. There are about 150 students who commute using the cable car.”

A rescue helicopter arrived at the scene about five hours after the accident, but was excluded from the rescue operation due to strong winds and concerns about damage to the cable lines remaining on the rotor blades of the helicopter.

In the end, the local rescue authorities added a zip line by connecting a temporary chairlift to the remaining unbroken cable, and approached the stopped cable car to rescue the passengers. As a result, all eight passengers were rescued within 14 hours of the accident.

Passengers on the cable car are said to have lost consciousness in the process of enduring 14 hours without drinking water, but fortunately, all of them are known to have no life threatening.

Pakistan’s interim prime minister, Anwar-ul-Haq Khakar, wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “It was great teamwork between rescuers and local residents.”

“Check all cable cars in the mountainous area and close them if unsafe,” he said.






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