Is Japan’s report on ‘contaminated water discharge request’ fake news? Government “It’s hard to say clearly”

On the 16th, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported that “the Yoon Seok-yeol regime and the ruling party unofficially requested the Japanese side to release contaminated water from Fukushima in an unofficial way.” He declined to give an immediate answer as to whether or not he would do it.

In a daily briefing held at the Seoul Government Complex on the morning of the 21st, Park Gu-yeon, first deputy head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, was asked whether the Asahi Shimbun article in question was fake news. It is unknown to us whether they will respond.” 

“However, in the first session when I mentioned that part (on the 17th), I said with the intention of ‘I’ve never thought about that issue, and it’s not something to think about,’” he said. I don’t feel it’s worth mentioning. As for any additional parts that come out, wait and see (now) I don’t think it’s something the government will mention, such as ‘This is A or B’.”

Previously, on the 16th, Asahi Shimbun reported in an article titled “President Yoon Emphasizing Improvement in Korea-Japan Relations,” “In the Yoon regime and the ruling party, the current issue is the release of contaminated water from the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima 1st nuclear power plant (‘treated water’ in Japan). If this is unavoidable, there are voices calling for an early implementation with less negative impact on the (Korea) general election,” he said. 

In response, Deputy Director Park said on the 17th and 18th that there was no fact that the Korean government had requested early release from the Japanese side. 

Deputy Director Park was asked if the category of ‘government’ he mentioned was overseeing the presidential office and the ruling party, the power of the people, the administration, etc., “When I spoke at that time (on the 17th), the political part was something I could confirm. I have mentioned the government part because it is out of the realm,” he said. “As far as I know now, the ruling party expressed its position on it yesterday, so if you put the two together, you can understand it as ‘it is completely unfounded. .

The previous day, People’s Power chief spokesman Kang Min-guk said in a commentary, “Is the Japanese media’s report that they asked안전놀이터 the Japanese side to start the discharge of contaminated water before the general election next year?” It does,” he retorted.

However, both the ruling party and the government denied the report by the Asahi Shimbun, but did not define it as ‘fake news’.

In June, when a domestic Internet media reported that a Japanese Foreign Ministry executive delivered 1 million euros, presumably as a bribe, to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Japanese government defined it as “fake news,” which was unusual. issued a press release.

Deputy Director Park asked if the Asahi Shimbun’s report was fake news and whether the Korean government would raise an issue, “(In the article) the subject or quota part was a little more specific, and if the government was direct, it would probably take additional thought, but even if it was given, Not only is it not clear, but the fact itself is also not clear how it was conveyed.” 

He said, “Since the ruling party has also expressed its intention once, I think it would be enough to respond to that level first,” he said. 

On the 22nd, with Japan holding a ministerial meeting and deciding on the time to release contaminated water, he added that “we are working on last-minute work and are coordinating the text” regarding working-level consultations related to contaminated water.






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