“Why do young women wear bikinis in the valley?” Netizen ‘Gabron Eul Park’

Netizens are arguing about wearing a bikini swimsuit in안전놀이터 a valley where the whole family can enjoy together.

On the 17th, a picture of a woman in a bikini with a valley in the background was posted on an online community, causing controversy.

Writer A said, “The valley is a place where there are children, but there are a lot of costumes that are frowned upon.”

At the same time, she questioned, “Young women come wearing bikinis, but this is not a resort. Why do they wear bikinis in a valley with many children?”

Mr. A’s remarks sparked controversy among netizens.

Netizens who expressed negative opinions about wearing a bikini in the valley showed reactions such as “It’s embarrassing for family members to see” and “It is good manners and morals to refrain from excessive exposure.”

On the other hand, netizens who insist on different opinions leave comments such as “What’s the problem with whoever wears it?” and “It’s easy to wear a swimsuit when playing in the water.”






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