A mixed dog who lived as a field guard for 5 years while being tied to a 1m leash

A citizen who supports the animal protection group Tinkerbell Project passed a field on the outskirts of Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do last year and found a small dog guarding the field tied to a short leash . Since the dog was in a place where people were rare, it seemed to be a pleasure to see people for the first time, as if it were a familiar person, it was happy to step on its hind legs and put its front paws together.

When the citizen just handed out the snack in the bag, the dog ate it deliciously. Even after I turned around and came home, I kept thinking of that dog, and I continued to bring snacks. Then, by chance, I met a dog guardian. In case you don’t like giving treats to a dog, I asked permission and asked the circumstances. The guardian said that the dog was brought in 5 years ago , and that it was okay to give him a snack.

The citizen went to see the dog every day after that. In the meantime, the dog guardian said, “I have a dog, but I don’t have one,” and suggested, “If you like that dog, take it.” On the one hand, the citizen thought that the dog could be a chance to live a new life, but since he had already raised one, he was very concerned about what to do after taking him. Citizens asked for help from the Tinker Bell Project

, of which they are members , and the group rescued the dog with the consent of the members. Citizens and organizations gave her the name Jjoongjjongi (5 years old, female) because she was cute when she put her hind feet together and swayed whenever she went to the field . The examination showed no other contagious diseases, but he was infected with heartworm, which is common among dogs living outside. This disease can lead to death if not treated in time. The rescuer provided support for health checkups, vaccinations, heartworm treatment, etc., to prepare for adoption.

Hwang Dong-yeol, CEO of the Tinker Bell Project, brought Jjongjjong-yi to his home with nine dogs to determine his propensity, considering that he had never been with other dogs and had never lived indoors. He didn’t bark, and he got along well with other dog friends . And not only the rescuer, but also the others followed very well. At the Tinker Bell Adoption Center in Hwagok-dong, Seoul, Jjongjjong-i is waiting for a family for the rest of his life, living with other dog friends.

CEO Hwang said, “Jjongjjongi is so sociable and follows people 안전놀이터that it’s hard to believe he lived alone in the field.”

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▶Adoption Inquiries:

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