“My husband was indiscriminately assaulted while repairing the elevator.”

Netizens are outraged when the story of her husband being indiscriminately assaulted while repairing the elevator was revealed. The writer who posted the story said that it is common for people to use abusive language because the elevator stopped, and asked to know about the difficulties of the technicians repairing the elevator.

On the 18th, an article titled ‘My husband was indiscriminately assaulted while repairing the elevator’ was posted on an online community. Writer A introduced her husband as an engineer who repairs elevators. He said, “Have you seen an elevator driver who died while repairing alone a while ago?

According to Mr. A, her husband, Mr. B, was repairing the elevator on the 7th floor of the building around 5 pm on the 17th. Mr. B heard the door slam several times from downstairs, and while going downstairs to check, he encountered a man in his mid-30s coming up to Mr. A. When Mr. B told the man not to hit the door, the man suddenly grabbed Mr. B’s hair and assaulted him with his feet and fists, then assaulted Mr. B again with his feet.

Mr. A said, “My husband thought of me and my child and did not respond and reported it to the police.” At the same time, he said, “On the day of the assault, my husband came home limping with a sore right leg, and the damaged crown of his hair continues to fall out, so I am very upset.”

He said, “My husband has been working in the elevator 안전놀이터industry for a long time, and he says that there are people who spit out profanity or ignore people because the elevator stopped.” said. He added, “I think the elevator industry needs to improve and people need to know that there are pain points like this.”

At the same time, Mr. A also shared what her husband, Mr. B, posted on the elevator-related community. In this article, Mr. B described in detail the situation at the time he was assaulted. Mr. B said of the man who assaulted him, “Even though it was daytime, I got into a fight with the police because I was drunk.” At the same time, he said, “There were many people who filed complaints or cursed at the repair of the elevator, but this is the first time this has happened, so I am still shocked.”

Mr. B said, “I felt again today that the working environment in the elevator industry is very poor. A while ago, many young men died while repairing, and in a dangerous environment with no one to protect them, only the repair technicians are made like bad people.” He continued, “If there is an elevator that goes up the 20th floor, no one knows how long it will take to find the cause of the breakdown by going back and forth on the 20th floor by stairs several times.”

Concluding the article, he said, “If the poor environment is not improved, the number of elevator technicians in the future will decrease further, and I think that the elevator industry will also face chaos.” I’ll try to turn it off,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the 23rd of last month, a worker in his 20s who was repairing an elevator in an apartment in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul fell 20 meters to the floor and died. On the 16th of the same month, a worker in his 30s who was inspecting the elevator of a commercial building in Osan, Gyeonggi-do fell from the height of the 2nd floor to the 2nd basement level and died.






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