“We didn’t know each other” Sexual assault in broad daylight at Sillim-dong Park… Victim in critical condition

A suspect who committed a rape case in broad daylight near a park in Seoul was caught by the police on the 17th. The victim in her 30s was taken to the hospital, but her life is in critical condition.

The Seoul Gwanak Police Station announced 안전놀이터that it had arrested a man in his 30s at 11:40 a.m. on suspicion of raping and assaulting a woman near a park in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, and that he was under investigation. The incident took place in the mountains leading to a side road from a park in the middle of a residential area, and there were three elementary schools nearby. The crime scene was near the middle of a mountain less than 100 meters from an elementary school.

Mr. B, who witnessed the incident while out for a walk, said, “I saw the victim being carried out on a stretcher a little after noon.” Another nearby resident said, “I heard that he raped a woman who came to her mountaineering after hitting her in the head from behind.” A police official said, “The victim and Mr. A were not acquainted.”

According to the police, a citizen passing by the park at the time of the incident heard the woman scream and called 112. Afterwards, police from a nearby police box were dispatched to arrest the suspect, and the victim was taken to the hospital, but it was reported that his life was in critical condition.

In the drug test conducted by the police, Mr. A came out negative, and it was investigated that he was not in a drunken state. The police said, “We are investigating the details of the crime, including what the tool was, and whether there was a notice of the crime.”






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