Police crack down on 6,500 speeding violations without knowing the school zone was lifted

It has been confirmed that a police station in Incheon 안전놀이터incorrectly imposed a fine on a vehicle that violated the speed limit without knowing that the child protection zone (school zone) had been lifted. The police plan to refund fines imposed incorrectly.

The Incheon Yeonsu Police Station announced on the 14th that it had installed mobile measuring equipment on the roads of Shinsong Elementary and Middle School in Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu for 77 days from May 12 to July 27, and cracked down on 6,500 speed violations.

After the drunk driving death of an elementary school student in a school zone in Daejeon in April, the training center conducted intensive crackdowns on this road from last May.

However, on May 11 last year, the city of Incheon removed the road from the school zone. The training center conducted a crackdown on this road without knowing that the school zone had been lifted as the children’s protection zone sign and information board had not been removed and had been left unattended for over a year.

The trainees applied the speed limit of 30 km and imposed fines of up to 160,000 won, including 70,000 won for violations of 10 km and 100,000 won for violations of 20 km or more. Incorrectly imposed fines alone exceed 450 million won.

A police official said, “There are elementary and middle schools, and I didn’t know that the school zone was lifted because the facilities were not demolished.”






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