“Several people touched my breasts, it was a big shock”…Female Korean DJ, victim of sexual harassment during a performance in Japan

DJ Soda (real name Hwang So -hee, 35 ) complained to the audience안전놀이터 that she was sexually harassed during a performance in Japan.

DJ Soda posted on her Instagram on the 14th, “I finished my performance at the Osaka Music Circus Festival today, and I was so shocked that my hands are still shaking in fear.” I was going, but not one person, but several people suddenly touched my breasts and helplessly sexually harassed me.”

Soda said, “I was so surprised and scared, but there are fans who love me and even cry when they see me, so I tried my best to pretend that nothing was wrong to finish it until the end.” I can’t believe this has never happened in the 10 years I’ve been DJing . From now on, I think it will be difficult to get close to the fans under the stage or in front.”

In the photo released together, the image of the audience sexually harassing DJ Soda, who came closer to the audience, was captured. As Soda approached the fence, some male spectators reached out and touched Soda’s breasts. Surrounded by the audience, Soda was shocked by the sudden sexual harassment and didn’t know what to do.

DJ Soda is a DJ who is active not only in Korea but also in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia . In 2016, he won the 24th Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards Korea Hallyu DJ Grand Prize, and in 2019 the 9th Korea Hallyu Awards Ceremony Pure Culture Awards in the Indie Culture and Arts category.

Soda received attention as the first Korean headliner at the Songkran S2O Festival, a large-scale EDM festival in Songkran, Thailand, one of the ‘World’s Top 3 Festivals’. It was revealed that Soda was kicked off the plane in April of last year due to a costume issue, sparking controversy over racial discrimination. At the time, the American aviator took issue with the pants with the phrase “F**K YOU” written on them, and Soda, who couldn’t miss the flight due to an important meeting, was able to board the plane only after turning her pants inside out at the entrance of the plane. In addition, after performing at a club in Indonesia in August of last year, Soda posted a post on social media saying that a male audience threw a glass at him as he came out of the DJ booth, and the broken glass injured his leg. .






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