A black bear enjoying a bubble bath… Turns out, kitchen detergent bubbles 

The Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee, USA, released a video in which a black bear appears to be enjoying a bubble bath in a pond inside a cage안전놀이터. In a video released on CNN and others on the 10th (local time), a 204kg black bear jumped into the foam created by the dish detergent released to clean the pond inside the cage, soaked it, and swam with his face covered in foam

Visitors were delighted to see the bear taking a bubble bath. The Knoxville Zoo said the dish detergent called ‘ DAWN’

used on cage cleaning days was not harmful to the bears. However, some bear conservation groups criticized the bears as putting them on a ‘ freak show ‘ , saying that the stinging detergent foam irritates the bears’ eyes and nose .CNN also released a video saying that a grizzly bear is taking a bubble bath at the Denver Zoo in Colorado.






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