How urgent… Encourage participation of elementary school students

Circumstances emerged that the Korea Scout Federation violated the participation rules and encouraged elementary school students to participate in the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree. As the number of participants fell short of expectations, there are suspicions that even elementary school students were recruited in violation of the rules.

Last January, Regional A Federation under the Korean Scouts sent an official letter to the school asking them to ‘ recommend outstanding students for the World Jamboree to be held in August’. The official document specified the eligibility to participate as students from the 6th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of high school. It was written that the Office of Education provided 1.06 million won in addition to 440,000 won for self-pay, and even encouraged participation.

Afterwards, when the participation of students from an elementary school was confirmed, Federation A also sent an official letter to the school asking for cooperation in the participation of the students in the World Jamboree.

In the end, some media reports revealed that the elementary school students who participated in this Jamboree could not endure the difficult camping and left the camp.

However, according to the regulations, elementary school students cannot participate in this World Jamboree. The criteria for recruiting participants announced on the Korea Scout Federation website also clearly state that only 안전놀이터scouts aged 14 to 17 can participate.

The federation clearly defined them as middle and high school students born between July 22, 2005 and July 31, 2009.

In January, when the official letter was sent, the Korean Scout Federation was recruiting the Korean delegation for the 5th time. In the first place, after completing the third deadline by June of last year, pre-training was planned, but the recruitment was not as expected, and the federation recruited participants on six occasions two months before the start of the competition.

The World Jamboree Organizing Committee announced that it was “confirming the facts” regarding the suspicion of violating the rules for elementary school students’ participation.






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