The 12th Saemangeum Jamboree ends… About 40,000 members are returning home from today

The 2023 Saemangeum 25th World Scout Jamboree , which suffered from various crises such as heat waves and typhoons, ended its 12-day run today.

The Jamboree Organizing Committee announced, “From today (the 12th), the full-fledged return of scouts will begin.”

The organizing committee explained, “The members who applied for additional cultural experience programs in advance will stay in Korea longer and return to Korea sequentially after performing activities.”

Previously, yesterday (11th), the closing ceremony was held at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul for 30 minutes from 5:30 pm.

About 40,000 scouts who had previously traveled to eight cities and provinces across the country gathered again at the Seoul World Cup Stadium to participate in the closing ceremony.

World Scout Federation Secretary-General Ahmed Alhendawi said in his farewell address, “No event has ever faced so many challenges and extreme weather conditions. It’s made from experience,” he said.

At the closing ceremony, a 7-minute video was released of the 11-day record of scouts coping with heat waves, avoiding typhoons, and engaging in various cultural experiences.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo also said in a speech at the closed consulate, “I feel sorry for the hardships the scouts have suffered due to unprecedented heat waves and typhoons during the Games.”

After the closing ceremony, the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree Super Live Concert’ continued for two hours from 7:00 pm yesterday토토사이트 .

Members of different languages ​​and cultures became one on the stage of ‘New Jeans’, which recently topped the Billboard album chart, and popular idol ‘Ive’. 19 teams representing K-pop led the 2-hour concert flawlessly, from

Mamamoo, who showed off their singing skills even in the rain, to the final stage of NCT Dream, which showed K-pop’s symbol of ‘perfect group dance’.

About 40,000 Scouts embroidered the last night of the Jamboree with ‘cheers in order’ by ‘singing in unison’ waving glow sticks.

The K-pop concert situation was broadcast live through KBS 2TV and KBS YouTube channels.

In addition, it was broadcast all over the world in real time through the KBS World channel.

The Saemangeum World Jamboree, which started on the 1st, was criticized for its lack of preparation, such as an unsanitary environment amid bad weather such as heat waves and typhoons.






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