Choi Won-jong, a 20-year-old victim of brain death… “6 days hospitalization fee of 13 million won”

As it became known that the 6-day hospital bill for a woman in her 20s who suffered brain death after being hit by a vehicle by Choi Won-jong (22), a suspect in the ‘Bundang Seohyeon Station stabbing incident’, voices calling for government support came out.

On the 10th, Lee Gi-in, a member of the Gyeonggi Provincial Council, whose constituency is Seongnam, announced the situation of victim A and his family on his Facebook page.

Rep. Lee said, “I met the victim of Choi Won-jong’s case at the emergency trauma center at Ajou University the day before.”

He said, “It is difficult to imagine how much more hospital bills the parents of the victims who chose life-sustaining treatment with the feeling of grabbing at straws will have to pay in the future,” he said. “The problem is that they have no place to turn to.” According to Rep. Lee, the amount that the prosecution’s crime victim support center can pay is about 50 million won a year, which is only 안전놀이터enough to maintain life-sustaining treatment for about a month. The compensation to be paid by Choi Won-jong’s insurance company is about 15 million won, but even this cannot be duplicated with the support money for the crime victim support center. You can choose between the center support fund and insurance money.

Rep. Lee said, “The victim has no insurance, and the civil lawsuit against Choi Won-jong is far away, and the other support money is zero.” Usually, even if a civil lawsuit is filed against the perpetrator to claim compensation for damages caused by the crime, the trial proceeds after the outcome of the criminal trial comes out. In the case of Choi Won-jong, who is now in the stage of investigation by the prosecution, it is difficult to predict when the trial will be completed as he is indicted. Moreover, even if the civil lawsuit is won, there is virtually no way for the victim of a crime to receive money unless Choi Won-jong owns the property.

Rep. Lee said, “Some people say why the state should compensate them for their damage,” and asked, “Isn’t this an incident that can happen to me and them enough?” He said, “I think we should provide at least a level of compensation so that the livelihood of the victim’s family will not be difficult,” he said. Choi Won -jong is accused of driving a vehicle towards pedestrians in front of AK Plaza Department Store in Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, which is connected to Seohyeon Station on the Suin Bundang Line, at around 5:56 pm on the 3rd, and then grabbing a weapon from the car and wielding it at citizens

. As a result, one person died and 13 others were injured. On the 10th, the police sent Choi Won-jong to the prosecution on charges of murder, attempted murder, and preparation for murder. Choi Won-jong said during the transfer process that day, “I am really sorry to the victims and I hope that the victims who are currently in the hospital will recover quickly.” He then said, “I express my condolences to the deceased victim and I am really sorry to the bereaved family.” However, Choi Won-jong still showed symptoms of paranoia, such as mentioning the ‘stalking group’ again. When asked, “Do you still think the victims are members of the stalking group?”, he replied, “I was a victim of gang stalking for several years, and I was bullied even on the day of the crime. I thought there were many gang members around my house.”






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