The tragedy of a friendly brother… Collapsed construction site, buried ‘Korean Dream’

Two Vietnamese workers who died yesterday (9th) in an accident where a construction site collapsed in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province were confirmed to be brothers. The bereaved family said that the two of them had been living in Korea, comforting each other, and that they had suffered an accident while working together in the field.

Reporter Yoon Jeong-ju covered the story.


The 30-year-old father who was holding his daughter died yesterday.

I can no longer meet this daughter whom I loved the most.

Three men and women sitting together.

This father, wife, and 22-year-old brother.

The brother worked as a laborer at the same construction site and his wife as a cleaner.

Yesterday afternoon, while working on the 8th floor, the brothers were crushed when the 9th floor suddenly collapsed.

Each was rescued in about an hour, but eventually died.

The brother and sister, who had a good friendship, died the same day.

[Bereaved family: I bought it outside the food together with the three of us. I was eating and working. A lot of concrete has fallen.]

My wife, who was on the other floor, lived.

The three are Vietnamese workers.

My brother, who came to Korea four years ago, met his wife메이저사이트.

Afterwards, her brother also followed.

I had a child and I needed money.

[Bereaved family: When the money comes out, I will send it to my family. If you make a lot of money, a lot of happiness comes.]

The three of them had the same dream and laughed even though it was difficult.

[Field colleague: The kids are very nice. If there is something like fruit, ‘Brother, eat it…’ ‘]

Colleagues and bereaved families cannot comprehend that the ceiling that passed the safety inspection the day before the accident collapsed.

[Bereaved family: If you don’t have a lot of support, the ceiling goes up and down… A lot of concrete has come down.]

The police and employment department are investigating the cause of the accident, but the brother has not returned.






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