‘Sleeping on a mat on the floor’…Controversy over discrimination against Korean members of the Jamboree

Claims were raised that Korean members who participated메이저사이트 in the ‘2023 World Scout Jamboree Competition’ were subjected to reverse discrimination.

On the 9th, KBS ‘News 9’ reported that after the members who participated in the World Scout Jamboree were evacuated from Saemangeum due to typhoon North, 370 Korean members spent the night on yoga mats on the auditorium floor with nowhere to wash.

Parents complained in an interview, saying, “The treatment of most of the foreign crew members is markedly different from those assigned to single or double rooms in the accommodations supported by the company.” One parent said that her child said, “If you think you’re going to sleep here, you want to go back, and you feel so bad because you feel like a refugee. .

On the other hand, it is known that foreign crews are staying in hotel-level facilities with double occupancy thanks to the support of various companies.

About 160 members of the Italian Jamboree delegation are staying at the Songdo Global R&D Center Residence Hall for 4 nights and 5 days from the 8th, and about 1,000 delegates from 6 countries including Finland and the Netherlands headed to the Hyundai Motor Group’s 4 training center facilities.

In addition, 2,882 people from four countries, Japan, Honduras, and Chile, are staying at temple stays and university dormitories, while 401 members of the Mexican delegation unpacked at the Osan Campus of the Lotte Human Resources Development Institute.






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