“I earn 7.62 million won a day, am I the only one who is easy on stocks”… Is this why ‘Fomo’ won’t come?

 Recently, many individual investors have heard stories of making huge profits by investing in secondary battery-related stocks, etc., and the number of people suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) syndrome is also increasing . . FOMO refers to a symptom of fear of missing out on an opportunity to earn a profit as asset prices soar.

On the 10th, a stock site posted a picture of profit certification and said, ‘I realized everything about stocks. 7.62 million won per day. Am I the only one who is easy on stocks?” In fact, looking at the authentication photo uploaded by this person, the stock valuation on this day was 290.09 million won, and in fact, the evaluation profit and loss increased by 7.62 million won compared to the previous day. The rate of return itself was only 2.69%, but the investment itself was close to 300 million won, so the profit earned in one day exceeded 7 million won.

On the other hand, the stock price of Samsung Electronics, the national shareholder, is hardly out of the high 60,000 won range. In a Samsung Electronics discussion forum on a stock site, ‘Is 70,000 electronics a dream? I’ll just sell it when it’s at the average price. I bought it too late,’ and ‘70,000 electrons are coming. Just wait 2 years. Ah, my opportunity cost’, ‘When will I get 70,000 electrons? There are many articles expressing regret at the frustrating stock price trend, such as ‘Are you going to split next year?’

Meanwhile, before the opening of the day, Morgan Stanley Capital International ( MSCI ) announced that it would add four stocks, including Eco Pro, to the Korean index through regular reviews in August. Geumyang and POSCO DX were not included.

Han Ji-young, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, said, “The domestic stock market will continue its market trend by industry and theme, with the upper end of the index limited due to weakening semiconductor investor sentiment despite favorable US price indicators . ” “Supply-demand volatility may increase,” he said.

In the midst of this, it was found that last month, when Ecopro, a secondary battery material company, became the KOSDAQ market’King Emperor’ for the first time in 16 years with a price of over 1 million won, individual investors did not care about the overvaluation controversy and began to buy without hesitation by FOMO and others.

As a result of Kiwoom Securities’ monthly purchase and sale quantity and average unit price of the ‘Three Brothers of EcoPro’, Ecopro BM메이저사이트, EcoPro, and Ecopro HN, from the beginning of the year to the 25th of last month, the average purchase price of EcoPro in July was It was counted as 1,009,300 won. This means that individual investors, on average, have bought a large amount of EcoPro at that price over the past month, even at a high price of over 1 million won per week.

On the 11th, while the US price index was announced at a level that satisfies market expectations, the KOSPI is showing an upward trend from the 2610s in the early market on the 11th. As of 9:18 am on this day, the KOSPI is 2615.36, up 13.80 points (0.53%) from the previous day. The index opened at 2611.25, up 9.69 points (0.37%) from the battlefield, and is continuing its upward trend. In the stock market, foreigners and institutions net bought 8.3 billion won and 16.2 billion won, respectively. Individuals net sold 24.3 billion won. Samsung Electronics (0.74%), Samsung SDI

(1.93%), Hyundai Motor Company (1.75%), and POSCO Future M (2.22%) rose at the top of the market cap, followed by LG Energy Solutions ( -0.54 %) and SK Hynix ( -0.08 %) . ), Samsung Biologics ( -0.50 %), and POSCO Holdings ( -0.33 %) are bearish.

At the same time, the KOSDAQ index is 912.84, 1.55 points (0.17%) higher than the battlefield. The index started at 913.97, up 2.68 points (0.29%) from the battlefield, and is going up and down in the plateau. In the KOSDAQ market, individuals net bought 132.4 billion won. Foreigners and institutions net sold 86.8 billion won and 42.2 billion won, respectively.

At the top of the market cap, Ecopro BM (0.15%), Ecopro (1.11%), and Celltrion Healthcare (0.14%) rose, while L&F (-1.75%) and Posco DX ( -3.33 % ) were weak.






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