“We moved a city in one day” The story behind the massive movement of 40,000 people at the Jamboree that was like a military operation

“I moved a city in one day.”

Regarding the massive movement of 40,000 participants of the ’25th World Scout Jamboree’ on the 8th, a high-ranking government official said, “It was more than a military operation.” The time given was only one day as the Jamboree, which seemed to be on the verge of lameness amid controversy over poor preparations, eventually decided to withdraw due to a typhoon. The number of participants at the Saemangeum campsite in Buan-gun, North Jeolla Province is nearly twice that of the population of Buan-eup (20,600) in Buan-gun, North Jeolla Province. The government’s urgent evacuation operation was carried out over 10 hours by mobilizing 1014 buses.

A high-ranking official in the presidential office said, “It was close to impossible to transport 40,000 people to a safe place in one day.” did. A government official said, “The number of participants in this Jamboree is equivalent to the population of Buan-gun, North Jeolla Province (49,000). Evacuation of a city was completed in eight attempts,” he said.

The government’s sudden decision to evacuate the Jamboree participants was on the afternoon of the 6th when the Korea Meteorological Administration issued a forecast that “the typhoon’s course is expected to change.” That evening, Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min, who was on-site at the Jamboree camp, led a meeting attended by government officials and the Scout Federation, and decided to move after consultations between the two sides. The government finalized the accommodations of the participants in consultation with local governments for the final eight trials.

An official from the presidential office said, “Since the typhoon started in the afternoon of the 9th, the movement operation was only one day on the 8th, so time was tight.” A government official said, “The evacuation plan, which began on the night of Sunday the 6th, was made while solving numerous difficulties within the time constraint of only one day. We selected the candidate메이저사이트 attempt taking into account it,” he said. It is said that it was a big challenge to plan a transport operation according to the World Federation’s strict requirements, such as selection of evacuation areas and

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security procured over 1,000 buses for 24 hours from the night of the 6th. It is known that the World Federation informed the government of the number of participants and the actual number of participants, so there was a considerable difference, so the government re-ascertained the number of people and prepared for the transportation operation.

A high-ranking government official said, “It was difficult for the Ministry of Public Administration and Security to procure more than 1,000 buses in one day. We had to complete the evacuation of 40,000 members in eight attempts during the daytime while also solving the problems of food, sanitation, and medical support for the scattered members.”

More than 1,800 police officers, four police helicopters, and 270 patrol cars were mobilized for the safe movement of the participants. A government official said, “Starting with the departure of the Taiwanese members at 9:00 am on the 8th, the Czechs and the youths all left the Saemangeum campsite at 7:00 pm. IST (International Service Organization) completed the move on the night of the 8th,” he said.

On February 28, when Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min’s authority was suspended due to the impeachment proceedings of the opposition party, the Jamboree Organizing Committee additionally appointed the Minister of Public Administration and Security, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the President of the Korea Scout Federation as co-chairs of the Organizing Committee. On the afternoon of the 25th of last month, immediately after the Constitutional Court’s decision to dismiss the impeachment, Minister Lee first visited flood-stricken sites across the country, including Cheongyang, Osong, Bonghwa, and Yeongju. On the 29th of last month, the Saemangeum Jamboree went directly to the campsite for an on-site inspection from 2 to 4 p.m.

A government official said, “Minister Lee was injured on the 1st, and as soon as the funeral was over on the 3rd, he immediately jumped into the Jamboree site and took the baton.” Changed. In just one day, the evacuation of a city-sized crew was completed,” he said.

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