Typhoon ‘Kanun’ landed on the southern coast this morning… 600mm heavy rain

Typhoon Kanun is approaching the Korean Peninsula.

It is expected to penetrate the Korean Peninsula after landing on the southern coast on the morning of today (10th).

While it rains all over the country, over 600mm of water falls in Yeongdong, Gangwon-do.

This is Reporter Lim Ha-kyung.


Typhoon ‘Kanun’ is approaching the southern coast.

The radius of strong winds is around 350km, which is large enough to cover the entire country, and very strong winds of around 35m per second are blowing메이저사이트.

After landing on the southern coast of Korea, Kanun is expected to pass through Chungcheong and the metropolitan area to North Korea.

If Kanun moves as expected, it will be the first typhoon to cross the Korean Peninsula from north to south since the Korea Meteorological Administration observed.

While typhoon warnings have been issued across Jeju Island, the whole country, including the southern part, Chungcheong Province, and the metropolitan area, will be affected by the typhoon.

More than 600mm of water will pour in Yeongdong, Gangwon-do, and strong rain of more than 100mm per hour will fall in some areas.

Heavy rain is expected of 400mm in Yeongnam, 300mm in the southern coast of Jeollanam-do and Jeju Island, and around 200mm in Chungcheong and the metropolitan area.

<Park Jung-min / Forecast Analyst, Korea Meteorological Administration> “As Typhoon Kanun 6 is expected to maintain its strong force and move northward along the inland of Korea, it is expected that very heavy rain and very strong wind will blow throughout Korea within the typhoon’s influence area. “

Strong winds with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of around 40m per second will blow along the southern and Yeongnam coasts of Jeollanam-do, and very high waves will rise in the Jeju and South Seas.

During high tide, as the sea level rises further, special attention is needed to avoid damage such as safety accidents along the coast.






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