“High school graduate deliveryman carrying a 30 cm sharp knife”…Internet introduction of Bundang weapon riot criminal

It has been revealed that a suspect in his twenties in the Bundang Seohyeon-dong weapon riot, which left 14 casualties, used a mobile phone to search for information related to the weapon riot in Sillim-dong, Seoul on the Internet before committing the crime.

According to the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency on the 6th, the investigation team in charge of the weapon riot is said to have메이저놀이터 confirmed this through forensics on the mobile phone of Mr. Choi (22), a suspect in the ‘Bundang-dong weapon riot’.

According to the police, Mr. Choi searched for keywords such as ‘sashimi knife’, ‘gas gun’, ‘knives’, and ‘it is illegal to carry a knife’ in addition to ‘Sillim-dong murder’ a month before committing the crime. It is said that these contents came out of the cell phone while the police were analyzing the two mobile phones and one computer confiscated from Mr. Choi.

The police are also investigating whether the articles written by Mr. Choi while active in an internet community are related to the Seohyeon-dong incident in Bundang.

On the 29th of last month, Mr. Choi posted a picture holding a weapon on the community, and he wrote, “A 23-year-old high school graduate who carries a 30cm gray knife when going outside.”

He also posted articles such as “(Sillim Station murder case and stalker discovery) greatly strengthened military power from the two incidents” and “Now stop harassing me and listen to me.” The day before the crime, he wrote, “I’m on my way to eat dessert in the basement of Seohyeon Station.”

They indiscriminately swung weapons at citizens at the plaza. As a result, nine people were injured, eight of them seriously. Prior to this, the vehicle drove into the sidewalk, killing one pedestrian and injuring four others.

Choi was arrested by the dispatched police and was arrested on the 5th.

A police official said, “There is nothing that can be revealed because the forensic analysis has not yet been completed.”






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