‘Elementary teacher in the next class’ two extreme choices… “pain for parents”

It was belatedly known that two teachers at an elementary school in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, passed away one after another due to extreme choices within six months.

Eunji Kim (23 years old at the time), a teacher who was in charge of class 3 of 5th grade at A Elementary School in Uijeongbu City, died in June of that year. ended, MBC reported on the 7th. Both of them were beginner teachers for 4-5 years.

It is said that the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education was not aware of this fact until the media coverage began. The cause of death reported by the school to the Office of Education was a ‘simple fall accident’ for both teachers. The bereaved families requested the media to disclose the faces and names of the two teachers so that such a tragedy would not be repeated.

According to reports, teacher Kim was diagnosed with depression a month after being appointed. Teacher Kim’s parents said, “The child was shocked to see the students fighting each other as they slapped each other.” You can’t do that’ (he said to himself),” he told the media.

Teacher Kim submitted a letter of resignation, but the school dissuaded her and appointed her as a dedicated music teacher. But he had to take over again after a year. Teacher Kim’s father said, “I often saw parents answering calls even after work.” I think I was very afraid of answering the phone.”

In Teacher Kim’s diary from 2019 to 2020, contents that can guess his mental pain were written. ‘The kids are over my head’, ‘It’s not my fault’, ‘I received a text message telling me to come to school because there is an emergency meeting, and my heart raced like crazy’, ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m in charge of sports’, etc. After receiving psychiatric treatment and taking sick leave several times, Teacher Kim made an extreme choice in the fourth month of taking over as the 5th grade homeroom teacher in 2021.

The child was injured and demanded medical expenses… Parents protest even after military enlistment
Meanwhile, it is said that this teacher suffered from parental protests from the beginning of her teaching career. In his first year as a homeroom teacher, a child injured his hand while cutting plastic bottles in his homeroom class, and the parents demanded compensation for treatment expenses, saying that the child needed plastic surgery.

The following year, even after Lee took a leave of absence and enlisted in the military, parental protests continued. It was to the point 안전놀이터of calling the military. The school side left responsibility only to this teacher. The teacher’s father said, “The school told my child to contact (with the parents) to solve the problem, give money, or not to call.”

In 2021, when this teacher was in charge of the 5th grade homeroom, many problems arose. There was a problem of bullying in the class, so I consulted a lot, and one of the students in my class was absent for a long time, so I exchanged 400 text messages with the child’s parents.

In particular, the parents of the students who were bullied made detailed demands and complaints to the teacher, such as “don’t make the children form groups” and “be attacked through an anonymous chat window”. It is said that these parents even went to the classroom after meeting the vice principal.

The parent said, “There was only one thing I asked for. ‘Why does he have to suffer like this? Even though the teacher knew that, why did he always deal with it like that?’ I asked for a public apology,” he said. “I didn’t curse, but I must have been very angry. ‘Then the teacher was only the teacher of those children and abandoned our child,’ she said, but she seemed to be hurt a little by that,” she told the media.

Early in the morning the day after the conflict with the parents, the teacher said, ‘This job doesn’t seem right. He ended his life by himself leaving behind the last message, “Every day was difficult.” The teacher’s father burst into anger, saying, “(The school side) knew that the parents had problems, but they just said, ‘Take homeroom and solve it.’”






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