“I will stab dozens of people to death at the baseball field”… Preliminary writing, foreign IP writing

Recently, an article foretelling a weapon rampage스포츠토토 at the baseball field was posted, and the Samsung -LG  Daegu baseball field was in an emergency.

According to the Daegu Police Agency’s Cyber ​​Investigation Unit on the 6th, the police tracked down the author of the announcement regarding the posting of a ‘weapon riot’ at the Daegu baseball field the day before, and it was confirmed that it was written from a foreign IP address . The article in question was posted in the KBO application ‘ Cheer for  Samsung -LG game’ corner at 3:39 pm the previous day .

A citizen who saw this article reported it to the police at 5:01 pm on the same day by text message. In response, the police deployed riot police and detectives to the baseball field to prepare for an emergency. However, ‘I’m going to stab dozens of people with a knife at the Daegu baseball field today. Unlike the contents of ‘Be prepared’, there was no special situation in the game that day.

While the police are tracking down the ‘baseball chief’ who wrote the notice of the weapon riot, they plan to reinforce the security of the baseball field by injecting 100 police officers, including police officers and detectives, on Sunday. Metal detectors will also be used when spectators enter the game.

The police plan to continue the investigation, leaving several possibilities open for the author of the notice of the ‘killer riot’.






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