Release of the Rolls-Royce owner who crushed the woman… “A perpetrator of school violence on the air”

 A man in his 20s who drove a Rolls-Royce into the sidewalk in Gangnam, Seoul on the 2nd and seriously injured a woman in her 20s who was walking down the street was released 17 hours after being arrested.

It is known that this man, who tested positive for ketamine in a drug test immediately after his arrest, was a perpetrator of school violence who also showed his face in past broadcasts.

According to the police on the 5th, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station released a driver named Shin (28), who was suspected of violating the Act on Special Cases for the Handling of Traffic Accidents, around 3:00 pm on the 3rd스포츠토토, after about 17 hours in custody.

Regarding the reason for releasing Shin without requesting an arrest warrant, the police explained, “Shin’s lawyer guaranteed his identity and released him because he would take responsibility.” “There was no reason to arrest him.”

On the 2nd at around 8:10 pm, Shin was driving a Rolls-Royce Sport Utility ( SUV ) near Apgujeong Station in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu and crashed into a sidewalk, crashing into a female passerby in her 20s and was arrested as a current criminal.

It was not drunk driving at the time of the accident, but as a result of the drug liver reagent test, ‘Ketamine’ was confirmed. Ketamine, used as a general anesthetic, has analgesic and hallucinogenic effects, so it is sometimes misused as a drug.

Regarding this, Mr. Shin stated in the police investigation, “She was treated at the hospital a few days ago, and there was ketamine in her injection.”

Since then, several online communities have claimed that Shin appeared on SBS ‘Song For You’, a rehabilitation program for juvenile delinquents in 2013. At the time, Ms. Shin confessed to her school violence on the air, such as “I was cut off twice at school,” “I buried kids from other schools,” and “I bullied a lot of my friends when I was young.”

The YouTube channel ‘Caracula Detective Agency’ released a new identity on the same day, saying, “The perpetrator of the full-body tattoo, born in 1995, who rioted at the police officers who were dispatched because he did not crush a woman in her 20s with a 600 million won Rolls-Royce.”

Also, according to the channel, Shin suddenly stepped on the accelerator pedal despite the cry of a nearby passer-by shouting, “There is a person under the car” immediately after the accident. The victim was dragged to the outer wall of the building while hanging from a vehicle, fractured both legs, and suffered severe injuries to the abdomen and head, and was taken to the hospital for surgery.

The channel said, “The perpetrator, who got out of the car slowly and leisurely, did not even look at the victim who was in a state of disrepair and staggered away, only talking to someone on the phone until the police and paramedics arrived.”

He claimed, “The perpetrator personally witnessed the investigation at the Gangnam Police Station while laughing leisurely with a lawyer from a large law firm.”






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